EDU 200 Teaching Lesson

EDU 200 Teaching Lesson

University of Tampa Education 200

Teaching Lesson (200 points)/Remote Students

Professor Ed Cloutier



EDU 200 Spartans!


1)  Each person will plan and Present a fifteen (15) minute segment of a Teaching Lesson

     addressed to your peers using your selected movie and topic (critical educational issue

     from the film). You may use a two-minute clip of the movie to support your topic. (Your Mid-

     Semester exam question may have helped you decide on what movie and topic you plan to use).


     You will need to Video-tape your Teaching Lesson using any method as long as I am able to open

     your lesson on my computer!


     “Tips for Lesson Planning” is a useful guide in preparing for your lesson (see attachment). 


2)  Prepare a Study Guide (lesson outline) that would normally be distributed to the students in your

      class and submit that to me.    


3)  Submit two (2) Research Articles with an Attached Summary (1-2 paragraphs) for each

   that will help a reader understand the relevance of the topic from the film.

     Each of your Summaries should include the Title of the Article and Cited Source.  


4)  Your video, study guide and two articles with summaries needs to be emailed to me no later than

     Thursday, April 22 so that they can be viewed and graded before the final exam. Please send

     everything to my University of Tampa email.  I am encouraging you to send your Teaching

      Lesson in early in case there is a glitch in submission.  


5)  Your grade will reflect the three components:  video, study guide and two articles with summaries

      with a maximum of 200 points.  .


Make sure your name is on all written papers!


Of course, please email me with any questions.


Professor Cloutier