ece355 week 1 discussion 1 RESPONSE a.g.

Respond to a peer who shared different things than you that surprised them about how parenting has changed. Respectfully comment on their points, sharing why that didnât surprise you or adding further relevant information or examples. 5 sentences or more.
Iâm raising my children the way my parents raised me with the same morals and culture. What I see it has change is that my mom would have the food ready on time and expected that everybody would like it and eat it. That is something different in my house hold I have to cook 2 different foods for my kids and for my husband. Iâm more lenient than my mom. I spoil them more I buy things for them that they donât really need versus when I living with my parents we only have the necessary. Now of daysâ parents are more lenient. Now of days both parents work and they spend less time with their children. Now of days you see more and more families that are same sex parents which 25 years ago they may have existed but it was not that public.
The article did align with some of my ideas that I wrote about how parenting has changed in the last 25 years. The article says that more that âfrom 2005 to 2009, 53.9 percent of married-couple families had both husband and wife in the workforceâ (Morman, E. 2015, January 8). It also talks about how parents put less responsibilities on their children.
I didnât see anything surprising in the article that I have not experience or seen in my personal life or other families. From both parents working, working different shifts to take care of their children, staying home dads because mom makes more money.
One personal experience is that since both of us work we always trying to make it with our kids by buying them things that they like or taking them out to eat on the weekends.
All of this information is going to help me understand the different families I going to be dealing with every day. This past year I worked with pre-k all the parents were different. The working parents never made it to the meetings and it was hard to communicate with them. They were less responsible about helping the children with their homework versus the parents with only one parent working these parents were always on top of things.
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