ece355 week 1 discussion 1

First, address the following:

Describe at least two ways that you think parenting has changed in the last 25 years.

Then, after reading the article â25 Years of Parenting: A Look Back and a Look Ahead (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.â and section 1.3 ofyour course text, address the following:

Explain how your understanding of parenting that you shared in your introduction post does or does not align with the ideas shared in the article.
Discuss at least two ideas that were shared in the article that were surprising to you about how parenting has changed.
Describe how using this information, along with your knowledge of child development, will help your work with families.

Wardle, F., & Fitzpatrick, T. (2016). Children & families: Understanding behavior & dynamics [Electronic version]. Retrieved from
*You must properly cite and reference the course text in every discussion. A citation is a parenthetical note within the body of your response. It comes after a direct quote or a paraphrase. A reference comes at the end of your response and refers to the required reading or material. Use in-text citations.