Discuss implications of the study for nursing practice.

Discuss implications of the study for nursing practice.

MSN5250: Statistics for Advanced Nursing Practice Team:____________ Critique Worksheet for Group Project Part A

Elements of Critique Discussion State the practice problem/issue that is the focus of the study. How does this practice problem/issue affect your nursing practice?

In your own words, state the purpose of the study.

Is the research question clearly stated? What is the research question? Does it match the purpose of the study?

Is the research hypothesis clearly stated? What is the research hypothesis? Does the hypothesis reflect the purpose of the study? Formulate a null hypothesis for this study.

Who is identified as the target population? How were the subjects chosen (e.g., randomly, conveniently)?

Who is included (e.g., males, females, children, adults)? Who is excluded (e.g., elderly, pregnant women, minorities)? How large is the sample? How was sample size determined?

List the research variables. How are the variables described? What instruments or tools were used to collect data? Are the instruments sufficient for measuring the study variables? How is this assessed? Are the instruments valid and reliable? Are the instruments adequately described for you to understand what the score means?

State the data collection procedures. How often was data collected and for how long?

Were data analysis procedures clearly described? Were data logically organized/presented in tables, graphs and/or charts? Describe. What statistical tests were used to analyze data? What assumptions in the data must be met for the type of statistical tests used? Were these assumptions met?

What were the levels of measurement for each variable in the study? Were statistical tests suitable to the types of data collected/levels of measurement? What was the alpha for each variable? Describe how statistical significance was demonstrated (or not) for each variable.

Discuss study results. What were the findings? Is the research question/hypothesis answered? Were study limitations described? Can generalizations be made? Were there any unexpected findings?

Discuss study recommendations. Is there an identified need for further research?

Do study findings have clinical significance? Who will benefit from results of the study? Discuss implications of the study for nursing practice. What changes could you make in your practice based on the results of this study?