DF2- Introduction to Sustainability and CSR

DF2- Introduction to Sustainability and CSR

introduction to Sustainability and CSR


the textbook presents the theme of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in various chapters. Now in the course we will focus on this important topic to discuss innovative ways in which organizations are fulfilling their responsibilities to various stakeholders: not only shareholders, but also employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, competitors and society in general. The topics of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, together with Ethics, which is also addressed in several chapters of the textbook, form the three pillars of RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT.

To prepare for your answers to the questions below, each resource below on the topics of sustainability and CSR can be reviewed carefully:

Business Roundtable (2019).  Statement on the purpose of a corporation. Business Roundtable. https://www.businessroundtable.org/business-roundtable-redefines-the-purpose-of-a-corporation-to-promote-an-economy-that-serves-all-americans

Fink, L. (2020). A fundamental reshaping of finance. BlackRock, Advisor Center. https://www.blackrock.com/us/financial-professionals/larry-fink-ceo-letter?cid=ppc:CEOLetter:PMS:US:NA

Henderson, R. (2020, May 14). Reimagining capitalism. Harvard Business School. https://www.hbs.edu/about/video.aspx?v=1_hzrv6mqu

Nike (2020). FY19 Impact report. Nike Inc. https://purpose.nike.com/fy19-nike-impact-report

Rangan, K, Chase, L. & Karim, S. (2015). The truth about CSR. Harvard Business Review, 93 (1-2), 40-49. SEE LINK TO THIS ARTICLE IN E-RESERVES FROM LEFT NAVIGATION COLUMN IN SAKAI (or in the Files Directory link in Sakai left navigation column)

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (2020). Perspectives & case studies. Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. https://www.sasb.org/company-use/corporate-perspectives/ CHOOSE ONE COMPANY FROM THIS PAGE TO READ THE CASE STUDY (e.g., Gap, Bloomberg, NRG, etc)

United Nations (2020). Sustainable development goals. United Nations Knowledge Platform. https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300

World Economic Forum (2020). Stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world.  World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. WEF meeting


Answer this in 300 words using the sources above:


Q: Give an example of a company that developed performance measures that are consistent with sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (there are several examples in our textbook and in the sources listed above). Describe how these measures can motivate managers to make decisions that promote the attainment of sustainability and CSR goals.