Demonstrate how answering a specific research question will advance scientific knowledge base.

Demonstrate how answering a specific research question will advance scientific knowledge base.

Note: You are required to complete this discussion before submitting the unit assignment.

For this discussion, complete the following:

1. Describe the background of your study.

2. Demonstrate how answering your research question will advance scientific knowledge base.

3. Discuss the implications and contributions of your study to your specialization.

4. Be sure to include in-text citations from the academic literature on your chosen topic.

Once you have received feedback from other learners, complete the unit assignment based on your revised discussion post.


Use your Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design text to complete the following:

Review Chapter 3, “Designing a Qualitative Study.” Focus on the subsection, “The Design Structures of a Plan or Proposal.”

Read Chapter 6, “Introducing and Focusing the Study,” pages 127–146.

a.  Focus on the following subsections:

1. “Introducing and Focusing the Study.”

2. “The Research Problem Statement.”

Review Percy, Kostere, and Kostere’s 2015 article, “Generic Qualitative Research in Psychology,” from The Qualitative Report, volume 20, issue 2, pages 76–85.

Library Search

Use the library to conduct a brief literature review related to your chosen topic, in preparation for describing the background and addressing how the research  question will advance the scientific knowledge base. You will use this literature review in the unit discussion.

Read the Transcript –  Qualitative Research Proposal 

This illustration help to guide you as you develop the various components of your course project. Boxcars are added to the train as you progress through the course. Each boxcar provides information regarding the development of

individual components of a research proposal.

INTRODUCTION – Advancing Scientific Knowledge, Implications, and Contributions

When choosing a topic for the development of a qualitative study, it is essential that the topic meet the criteria of advancing scientific knowledge within the academic discipline. The issues that need to be addressed are the following:

Will the study advance the scientific knowledge base?

Is the study grounded in the discipline?

Does the study address something that is not known, something that is new or different from prior research, something that extends prior research, or something that fills a gap in the existing literature?

What are the theoretical and practical implications of the study?

How does the study contribute to the discipline?


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

1. Identify components of scientific merit (advances the knowledge base, contributes to theories, and meets the hallmarks of good research).

2. Critically evaluate the individual components of scientific merit of research studies.

3. Demonstrate how answering a specific research question will advance scientific knowledge base.