Daily SSG Diary

Daily SSG Diary

A reality of life is: habits are hard to break. The key to successful living then, is to intentionally develop good habits. This course-long, ongoing assignment will help you to develop the good habit of tracking what you do with your money, daily.

Download the two files, below: The Directions, and the Daily SSG Diary. The Diary is an Excel file you will use to track what your do with your money–details are in the Directions. You will update and upload the same file seven times during the course, each Sunday evening.

What you record is to be your actual spending–not planned or hypothetical.

Each week you will upload the current version–it will be the same file every week, but updated with the current week’s money activity.

Spending, Saving, Giving Diary is due each Sunday of the course. Here are the necessary files:

Directions:   Directions – SSG Diary – Summer2 2021.pdf Read the Directions thoroughly before beginning.

The diary file: This is the file you are to use for the Spending, Saving, Giving Diary. Download the file as soon as possible, and follow the Directions to use it. Daily SSG Diary-Weekly-Summer2 2021.xlsx