Critical Analysis Paper 1

Critical Analysis Paper 1

Critical Analysis Paper 1 (not less than three pages except the bibliography).


This critical analysis paper makes up 15 % of total grades. This paper is due on 2/14 at 11:59 P.M.


Respond to question #3 on p. 71 of the text-book. The question begins, “Write an essay in which you take a position (agree or disagree) on one of the following quotes. Support your conclusion about the quote with specific reasons.” Be sure to specify which quote you are responding to.


Draft: I encourage you to write a draft and submit into the dropbox by 2/10. I will not grade the draft but provide feedback on it.


The critical analytical paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: incorporation of readings, depth & thoroughness, original & engaging writing, and adherence to writing guidelines.

Incorporation of Readings (25 points)

·       Paraphrase or use quotes from the textbook to support your position.

·       Incorporate ideas and concepts from the textbook and, when appropriate, online discussion.

Depth & Thoroughness (25 points)

·       Answer all parts of the question.

·       For those papers which require you to consult material beyond the textbook, choose appropriate sources that allow for fruitful discussion.

·       Ideas should be well-developed and explained thoroughly.

·       Organize the paper in a logical fashion, which includes transitioning smoothly between ideas.

Original & Engaging Writing (25 points)

·       Provide relevant and interesting examples.

·       Build on your discussion to suggest new perspectives or applications.

Adherence to Writing Guidelines (25 points)

·       Papers should not be less than three pages excluding the bibliography.

·       You may write in the first person, but this is a critical thinking class: write what you think, not what you feel.

·       Papers should be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font with 1” margins.

·       You may use MLA, APA, or Chicago citation style, but be internally consistent.

·       Cite every source, including your textbook. Always include a separate works cited page for each written assignment.

·       Do not use anonymous sources, e.g. Wikipedia.

·       Do not include a cover page.

·       Number each page.

·       All papers must be submitted into the appropriate Dropbox on e-learning. Please email me your papers if there is an issue with e-learning.









Response Paper Rubric



( 25 points)


(22 points)


(20 points)

Satisfactory or O.K

(18 points)

Incorporation of Readings

Specific references to the text, both current and past readings

Specific references to current readings, or relevant but unspecific references to both current and past readings

References to the text are unclear and/or minimal

Not evident that readings were understood and/or incorporated into discussion

Depth & Thoroughness

Thorough responses to every question; in-depth analysis

All questions answered; substantial analysis

Most questions answered satisfactorily; paper seems rushed and one-dimensional

Many questions not addressed and/or superficially answered; analysis is incomplete or perfunctory

Original & Engaging Writing

Exceptionally well-presented and insightful; ideas are supported with interesting and specific examples; paper suggests perspectives or applications beyond this paper

Well-presented; ideas are supported with specific examples; scope of ideas are limited to this paper (i.e. no new perspectives or applications)

Content is solid but not expressed eloquently; examples may be relevant but not explicitly connected to paper topic; no original thought

Writing lacks quality and is difficult to follow; examples are irrelevant and distract from the paper topic

Adherence to Writing Guidelines

All writing guidelines followed

1 guideline not followed, but sources cited correctly

2-3 guidelines not followed, but sources cited correctly

More than 3 guidelines not followed and/or citation is inadequate, suggesting plagiarism

Overall Score

90-100 points

80-89 points

70- 89 points

Below 70  points



In-text citations

You need in-text citations (citations in the text) for your paper. The following are the examples

1.     According to Diestler (2012), a critical thinker “uses specific criteria to evaluate reasoning, form positions, and make decisions” (p. 3).

2.     Diestler (2012) defines a critical thinker as “someone  who uses specific criteria to evaluate reasoning, form positions, and make decisions” (p.3)

3.     A critical thinker should be able to use “specific criteria to evaluate reasoning, form positions, and make decisions” (Diestler, 2012, p. 3).

4.     As a critical thinker, I should evaluate reasoning, form positions, and make decisions based on specific criteria, ((Diestler, 2012, p. 3).  Page number in this example is not obligatory as it has no direct quote as in the other examples.


Citation Styles for listing the bibliography

You need to list the sources you use at the end of your essay. There are different kinds of citation styles. Please follow the link below.