Community Hospital Profile

Community Hospital Profile

Community Hospital Profile


The primary focus healthcare institutions is to deliver health care services, provide access to care, prevention and screening services, and chronic condition management. Many hospitals and health systems in our communities serve as both primary secondary care providers, meeting the needs and improving the lives of target populations.

Hospitals in our communities play a critical role in population health, often serving as a safety net for populations that are neglected or without access to health care services. A hospital or health system has many parts – patients, families, community, providers, health services organization, and health promotion, managing resources. The interconnections of all these parts, at different levels, primary purpose is to promote, restore, and maintain health.


Assignment objective: Create a directory of hospitals serving our communities.



·       Research a hospital in your community where you or your family seeks care.

·       You are to create a Power Point slide show titled “My Community Hospital”.

·       The slide show must contain a minimum of at least 6 to 8 slides.

·       Feel free to enhance your slide show with photos and graphics, embed a video, hyperlinks.

·       Make use of bullets.

·       You are required to address all action items listed below.

·       Submit assignment to the Blackboard no later than Monday 11/23 at 7:00PM


Action Items:


  1. Location:
  2. Organization type (Profit/non-profit):
  3. Website: (Link)
  4. Hospital Founded (year):
  5. Mission/Vision/Values:
  6. Hospital Type:
  7. License Beds: (Number)
  8. Rankings
  9. Magnet Hospital Status
  10. Teaching: (Affiliated University)
  11. Emergency Services (Trauma Center):
  12. Hospital President/CEO
  13. Chief Nursing Officer
  14. Number of employees:
  15. Number of practicing physicians on staff:
  16. Focus of their Community Benefit Program (Provide list of programs/events addressing Social Determinants of Health):
  17. Community Benefit Program Economic Value (Total amount spent on programs/events):
  18. Community Benefit Service Area: