COM 114 Assignment 2 (10%) Outline of an Informative Speech

COM 114 Assignment 2 (10%) Outline of an Informative Speech



COM 114

Fall 2020

Assignment 2 (10%)

Outline of an Informative Speech






ID:                                      Section:






Specific Purpose: ______________________________________


Title of the Speech: _______________________________________



In each of the blanks below, complete your full-sentence outline for the informative speech you are going to give in class. For any help with preparing the speech and writing this outline, please contact me during my office hours.


I.                    Introduction






II.                 Body (choose 2 or 3 main points and give supporting material and transitions)

A.      First main point



B.      Second main point



C.      Third main point (if there is one)




III.              Conclusion


A.      Summary of main points



B.      Strong closing statement



IV.               References:


Write the references that you used as sources of your information

References (which sources have you used to prepare for the speech?  Please use APA style)






1-     What are the characteristics of an effective informative speech? Explain in detail.













Rubric for Informative/Explanatory Speech



Exceeds Standard


Meets Standard


Works on approaching Standard


Not meeting/ barely meeting  Standard




Attention-getter grabs the audience, creates information hunger.  A clear explanation of topic leads audience smoothly into the speech

Attention-getter gets audience involved (mentally or physically).  Explanation of topic leads us into the speech.

Attention-getter is present but limited.  The explanation of topic is late,  weak or makes it harder for us to follow you into the speech

Attention getter isn’t present. Topic statement isn’t present.


Developed topic thoroughly by selecting most significant and relevant facts, definitions, details, quotations, appropriate to purpose.

Developed topic by selecting significant and relevant facts, definitions, details, etc. appropriate to the purpose of the speech

Topic needs more development.  Included minimal significant and relevant facts, definitions, details, etc.

Very few, if any, relevant facts, definitions, details, etc. included in speech



You made your topic interesting to specified audience, using appropriate word choices, vocabulary, figurative language and level of complexity.  Detail and word choice and examples were appropriate to audience

You used appropriate word choices, vocabulary, and examples.  Detail and word choice were appropriate to audience.

You used some appropriate word choices, vocabulary, examples.  Need help to make detail and word choice appropriate to audience.

Very few appropriate  word choices, vocabulary, examples.  Details and word choices not appropriate to audience.


You established and maintained a formal style and relatively objective tone while attending to the norms of an informational/ explanatory speech.

You maintained a formal style and relatively objective tone through most of your speech.

You struggle to maintain a formal and relatively objective tone.  You become too informal and subjective several times.

You lack formality in your tone.  Your information is too subjective.


You provided a concluding statement that summarized the main points, referred back to the introduction or supplied a looking forward statement to bring speech full circle and left audience with lasting impression.

You concluded the speech by adequately summarizing the main points, mentioning a previous anecdote, or mentioning future research.

Development of each main point is spotty.

Little development of main points.