Common mistakes when creating presentations

presentationMany students actively use PowerPoint to create presentation. But few people know what requirements should be met in this case, what mistakes should be avoided. Let’s consider the main mistakes that a user makes when creating a presentation.

Mistakes when creating a presentation

Mixing cold and warm colors. 

As you know, all colors of the spectrum are subdivided into cold and warm colors. Cold include blue, blue. To warm – yellow, red, green. There is also a neutral color – purple.

The rule is not to mix cold and warm colors on the same slide. For example, do not write in red on a blue background. When designing your slides, use only warm colors or only cool colors depending on the theme of your presentation.

For example, if the presentation contains material about Antarctica or the ocean, then cold colors will look more advantageous. On the other hand, if you are preparing a presentation about environmental protection, building houses, breeding pets, then, most likely, it is better to use the warm colors of the spectrum.

Presentation dark background. 

presentationOf course, there are situations where a dark background is fine. For example, presentations about space exploration, caves, the construction of the subway, of course, it is better to do it against a dark background.

However, most presentations look best on a light background. A light background gives great opportunities for using different colors in the design of the text (on a white background, red and blue and dark green and brown and purple and other dark colors look good).

Light backgrounds and dark text read better from a distance than light text on dark backgrounds. No wonder the numbers of the cars were changed in due time and now they contain dark letters on a white background.

Lack of margins and frames in the slide design.

If the text starts at the very edge of the slide and ends at the other edge, then it looks sloppy. No wonder there are fields in notebooks and books. It would be very appropriate to frame your presentation slides. In this case, the slide looks complete, holistic, harmonious.

Use only capital letters in the slide design. 

This trend is rooted in the distant past, when there were still no computers and all printed materials were prepared on typewriters. At that time, there was no other way to highlight the text, how to fill it with only capital letters.

Many presentation creators use this method to this day. Moreover, they design this way not only the headings, but the entire text. It is very inconvenient to read such inscriptions.

Overload the slide with text. 

presentationIf you are preparing a presentation for a large screen, then its slides should contain a minimum of text. You will say all the text during your speech, and the slides in the presentation should contain illustrations to make your speech more spectacular and clearer.

Very often, the presenter puts on the slide all the text he is about to say and simply reads it from the screen. Such speeches most closely resemble a synchronous reading session. The lecturer reads his speech to the audience, and the audience follows the text on the slide so that the lecturer speaks exactly what is written.

Unfortunately, viewers in the back rows cannot see the text on the slides. Over time, they begin to get bored at such a “lecture” and can leave without waiting for its end.

Oversaturation of the slide with pictures. 

If you have several pictures, it is better to place them on different slides and show them one after the other than to shrink them, trying to put it all on one slide.

Using Times and Italics in slide designs. 

The main goal of the presentation creator is to ensure that viewers, even those sitting in the back rows, can easily read all the inscriptions on the slides. This is possible only when using fonts of the Arial family (such fonts are also called “chopped” fonts). The use of fonts of the Times family, and even in italics, leads to the fact that even those sitting in the front rows will find it difficult to read the text.

Incorrect presentation slides composition. 

And in painting, and in photography, and in cinematography, the same laws of frame construction operate. They come from the peculiarities of a person’s perception of the picture at which he is looking.

Place images to the edge or corner of the presentation slide. 

Placing photographs close to the edges, and even more so in the corner of the warehouse, is considered a gross mistake in the design of presentation materials. Psychologically, this placement makes the viewer think that the picture may continue outside the slide, but the viewer himself does not see this continuation. The feeling of isolation and completeness of the slide disappears. Optimally, it would be to place the image some distance from the edge of the slide. If the image is placed in the corner of the slide, then the distances to the closest edges of the slide should be the same.


How the abstract differs from the test?

Test and essays are one of the most asked types of work at the university, especially in the first years of study. At first glance, the works seem to be different, but in reality, they can be confused. We share proven information that will draw a clear line between them.

Definitions of the abstract and test


This is an extensive report on a given topic or story about what an article, scientific work. Or else, any other content of authoritative literary sources contains. It implies the study of the problem, its disclosure, significance and one’s own attitude towards it.


This is a traditional and time-tested form of knowledge testing for a specific training period. Helps to assess the degree and quality of the accumulated information on the topic. Carried out in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision.

Helps to assess the degree and quality of the accumulated information on the topic. Carried out in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision.

Requirements for the abstract at the university

The implementation of the abstract is regulated by generally accepted standards and norms. We will tell you exactly which aspects of the need apply.


The most frequent question from students. The preferred volume ranges from 17 to 25 A4 sheets. The text is typed in the fourteenth size of the unchanged Times New Roman. The number of characters can go beyond 25. It depends on the topic and the wishes of the teacher. Be sure to check the volume before proceeding.


The volume of the abstract is related to its content. What elements are included there?

  • Title page – face and cover of the entire work;
  • Table of contents (it is also the content) – a listing of all components of the text with a sign of the pages;
  • Introduction – a sign of the purpose, objectives and relevance;
  • The main part – speaks for itself and contains all the most important information on the topic;
  • Conclusion – summing up and summarizing the goals and objectives from the introduction;
  • List of used literature – citing sources from which information was taken;
  • Appendices – extra materials in the form of figures, tables, diagrams, etc.

The presence of all these points in the text of the abstract is mandatory (except for annexes) and is not even discussed.

Technical requirements

Already set on edge, but mandatory parameters that must be observed:

  • Text that needs to be aligned in width;
  • Margins on all sides with indents of 2 centimeters;
  • Paragraph indents of 1.25 centimeters;
  • Line spacing – one and a half or single.

These values ​​are regulated by manuals.

How the abstract differs from the test

abstractLet’s move on to what distinguishes the abstract from the test.

  1. The test is written on the basis of the material already passed, and the abstract implies an independent study of the problem.
  2. Test is a mandatory form of knowledge testing, which is not even discussed. The abstract can be the student’s own initiative.
  3. The same goes for the topic. The test happens in class and is given to the teacher, the essay is written at home and defended in front of classmates.
  4. The test contains both theoretical and practical parts, and the abstract consists only of theory.
  5. They assess in different ways: the “pass – not pass” system for test tests and the usual five-point scale for abstracts.

The works also differ in the volume, pre-established by the teacher and norms.

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What is the difference between thesis and master’s thesis?

thesisThe final stage on the way to obtaining the coveted diploma of higher education is the preparation and defense of the thesis. The final qualification work (WQ) must show the student’s readiness for independent professional activity. After successful defense, the bachelor, if desired, can enter the magistracy. After another two years of study, the graduate will have to prepare a master’s thesis – an independent research work.

We have described in detail the differences in studying at bachelor’s, specialty and master’s degrees here.

So, what is the difference between a thesis and a master’s thesis? This question is asked by many students in their final years of study. Before making an important decision on admission to a master’s program, you should figure out what to expect from additional education and thesis defense. But first, let’s take a closer look at the essence of training in undergraduate and graduate programs.


This is the first step in the higher education system. Graduates of secondary school or secondary specialized educational institutions can enter the university. At the end of 4-5 years of study at the university, students take state exams, and also write and defend graduation projects.


Graduate work

The last and decisive stage on the way to obtaining basic higher education is writing a thesis. This is a rather voluminous project, which should prove the student’s readiness for independent decision-making in their professional field. It is assumed that the thesis should prove to the commission the graduate’s ability to apply in practice the knowledge gained during the years of study at the university.


A bachelor is a graduate of a higher education institution. As a rule, the basic training program includes a relatively small number of disciplines without a narrow specialization. After receiving a basic higher education, already yesterday’s student may have a desire to continue developing in the chosen path and enter a higher level of education.

Master’s degree

This is the next step in the higher education system, the opportunity to get an initial academic degree. One of the main conditions for admission to a master’s program is a diploma of basic higher education. After two years of study, the student will again have to prepare the final qualifying work, but of a higher level.

Master’s dissertation

Large-scale scientific work, which borders on the thesis project and Ph.D. thesis. In structure, it resembles a diploma study, is its continuation, a more detailed version with an in-depth study of the topic. After writing and successfully defending the dissertation, the author is awarded an academic master’s degree.

What is a Master’s Degree for a young and inexperienced specialist? First of all, it is an opportunity to improve their qualifications and increase the chances of getting a prestigious and highly paid position.

Differences between the thesis and the master’s thesis

Thesis and master’s thesis are two different types of graduation work, similar to each other, but having fundamental differences. If, after defending your diploma, you receive a bachelor’s degree or a specialist’s qualification, then after defending your thesis you will be awarded an honorary master’s degree. Other differences between a diploma and a dissertation include the following:

  1. Teachers usually help to write thesis, chasing after students and adjusting with each chapter. In the magistracy, the situation is much more serious. All responsibility for obtaining an academic degree rests entirely with the student. Prepare to learn everything you didn’t want to learn during your undergraduate studies.
  2. If the volume of the thesis usually does not exceed 80-100 pages, then the dissertation can take as many as 200 pages.
  3. Diploma and dissertation differ in scope and depth of research. Thesis is an extended version of the thesis project with a more detailed study of the topic and author’s developments. In his master’s work, the author must offer his own thoughts about solving specific problems or suggestions for improving the considered processes.
  4. The degree of concretization of the subject and object of research is another significant difference. In the undergraduate program, the object of research is specified as much as possible so that the student does not climb into the scientific jungle and, as a result, does not completely leave the task at hand. Writing a thesis involves an independent definition of the subject and object of your work.
  5. Do not worry that you will be left to fend for yourself and left alone with your master’s thesis. As in the case of the thesis, here you will be assisted by a supervisor. Such a responsible role is entrusted to a specialist with a scientific degree. But an associate professor or a senior lecturer of the department usually helps to write a diploma.
  6. Preparation of a thesis involves the study of up to 100 authoritative scientific sources with the obligatory provision of a bibliographic list. When writing a master’s study, such a list may include 200 or even 300 sources.

thesisMasters degree

A master’s degree opens up many more prospects for a young professional. Between a candidate with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree candidate, in most cases, the employer will prefer the second. On the other hand, spending two years on training without practical application of the knowledge gained is rather reckless. That is why most graduate students try to combine study with work.

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How writing helps people connect?

The ability to write is one of the main and most helpful skills people gain from primary school. It is a huge factor in getting to know and making sense of the world. Despite, learning how to read doesn’t mean knowing how to compose. Students who can read and write continue to gain this knowledge all the way up to graduating, like post-graduates who go on to earn additional degrees through writing. It is a capability that takes effort and time.

Reading and writing aids people connect on different areas. Being one of the factors that colleges pay so much attention to most developing students’ skills. A thorough degree of writing skills makes a personality more well-rounded and enables one’s personal growth. Here is how writing helps people connect and why it is so important to express oneself in written form.

Understanding what you think

Communication is hard if you can’t put your thoughts together in the first place. Writing is different from the spoken word. It isn’t as spontaneous, and follows the rules of structure and logic. Usually, students in high school and college learn to explore complex matters and deliver their opinions on different topics. Such intricate processes of communication can’t be performed off the cuff. A person has to read about the subject, find different perspectives, and, eventually, shape their own understanding. After we learn how to spell words, learning how to write turns into learning how to get down our thoughts in a clear and straightforward manner. In academic writing, whether one prefers short or long sentences, the most important thing is to deliver the idea without making it sound like gibberish. All the phrases must be complete, and all the statements must be unambiguous.

When a student takes up the habit of writing in such a manner, they immediately find their own thoughts clearer. Naturally, they may not start speaking the way they write. However, such a practice is a great help in making their arguments more precise and their expression easier. When a person can think about complex ideas and look at different facets of the same situation, they have fewer difficulties connecting with other people.

Learning empathy

Another thing that a person needs to connect with others is understanding what other people feel. From their early years, people become familiar with fairy tales and adventure stories. A person feels a connection with the protagonist and sympathizes with them. They see the traits they have in common with the main character, or find similarities between their own lives and the situations depicted in the story. Such a connection between a fictional character and the reader is achieved through the mastery of writing. The protagonist may be of the same age as the reader, or have the same values or personality traits that the reader aspires to possess. A great example is the Harry Potter series, which became a cultural phenomenon. The seven-book long saga of the boy who lived was an inspirational story about friendship, support, and trust, the values everyone wants to have in their lives. The readers felt fear and even at times desperation alongside the group of friends at the center of the narrative, as well as experiencing genuine joy every time the good guys won.

The ability to feel the emotions of other people gets better with reading. There is no narrator explaining what is going on in a person’s head in a real-life situation. However, the reading experience can teach us what emotional reactions appear in response to an event or an action. Eventually, one understands that what initially seem like individual reactions are in fact quite common and predictable, which allows us to function in a social environment and establish connections with other people.

Writing that creates common interests

As we have already mentioned, the Harry Potter series had an immense impact on a whole generation of young people that are now approaching their thirties and probably still waiting for that fateful letter. The number of these people around the world is huge, each one able to understand jokes about the series and remember its most insignificant details. Such a community is called a fandom. As it turned out, a piece of writing created an entirely new field of interest that united individuals from all over the world. People with that similar reading experience will always have something to talk about, even if they have just met.

Writing makes this all possible, as it provides unconnected individuals with shared intellectual experiences. In the case of fiction, for example, there are always characters in the book that readers will like or dislike, and those preferences are another point that they can exchange and connect through. And this doesn’t only apply to fandoms based on fantasy fiction. There are also highbrow reading clubs or elitist communities with shared intellectual experiences, made more variable by their different levels of understanding and individual interpretations of the written words. Whatever the work under discussion is, the point is that it creates the same background for a number of people, making it easier for them to connect.

Connecting past and future

writingIf there were no such thing as writing, we would not be at our current stage of progress. The invention of writing allowed humanity to store and accumulate knowledge. Every major scientific discovery, especially in the past centuries, had an outstanding mind behind it. Yet some major discoveries and inventions were based on those that came before, even though there were huge gaps in time between them. Everything that we know or are able to learn around the world is due to the previous generations having documented their present in writing.

From the chronicles that were written centuries ago, we can learn the history of the modern world, see the big picture of humanity, and realize our own place in this compilation of narratives. The recorded past allows us to discover how much we have in common with previous generations, and to conclude that we, as people, are all pretty much alike. Progress in scientific thought has only been possible due to the geniuses of previous centuries having done future humanity the favor of writing the important things down.

Naturally, today we have more diverse learning activities than just reading. Watching a documentary is faster and more exciting than reading volumes of plain text. Interactive lessons are more effective than memorizing facts. However, these things are only accessible to us for the aforementioned reason.

Using logic to connect

Returning to the writing activities that students engage in, it is important to understand why they are tasked with completing so many different essays. At first glance, it may seem that checking what one has learned is easier, faster, and more efficient with tests. Indeed, tests do well in assessing the facts that one knows, but they have nothing to do with the practical implication of knowledge. Still, tests don’t involve the interactional and reasoning skills that a person needs to become a professional and well-rounded individual.

When you are assigned an essay or paper, you need to build a clear and intelligible argument on a particular topic. To deliver your idea and prove your point, it is important to see the issue from multiple perspectives. The more essays you write, the better you become at critical thinking. It may not be instantly noticeable, but by flexing your writing muscles, you learn to see things, events, and people in all their complexity. This skill helps a lot when you communicate with a person with a different background. Even if there is little you have in common, you can understand or even take on their perspective on the world, and this is the intellectual connection that writing helps you establish. Additionally, if you are able to think critically, there are more chances for you to end a disagreement without aggression.

Old-fashioned communication

writingPossibly, the most obvious way writing helps people connect is through texting. It has undergone a long evolutionary process, and today people can communicate in emojis and stickers and still understand each other perfectly. However, it hasn’t always been so. Communicating with someone spatially out of reach used to take time, patience, paper, and coherent writing. As it was impossible to send your friend something the moment the idea came into your head, writing letters was a long and, by today’s measures, excruciating ritual. First, one had to come up with literally everything you wanted to say to that person. Letters included the latest updates on the events that had happened in the author’s life, along with their feelings about them. They were something between a personal diary and documentation of one’s relationship history. Plus, if people exchanging letters were far away from each other, writing required even more emotions that could compensate for one’s physical absence and maintain the image of the writer in the reader’s memory.

Clearly, paper letters are not the most popular means of communication today, but they proved that it was possible to grow and maintain a connection, even at a huge distance.

Writing is an important part of education and shaping your mental picture of the world. It develops one’s ability to express themselves and see the world in all its diversity. A person trained in writing can control their thoughts and use this skill in communication. Even though it may not seem obvious, as the relation isn’t always direct, writing helps people to connect in multiple ways.


Research methods in term paper

Research methods

The way, with what tools you conducted this research, what experience did you focus on, what literature you studied.

When checking work, not much attention is paid to research methods. Probably because it’s a very simple graph. However, questions about research methods may be asked in defense, so prepare your answer.

What are “research methods”

Research methodsUsually, research methods are the last or penultimate paragraph in the introduction, where you list all the methods that you used in your work.

You cannot thoughtlessly list all the methods you know. There are many of them in science; you need to list exactly those methods that are specific to your research.

The method is needed to find the truth; therefore, only scientifically based methods are used.

There should be no gag and pseudo-scientific tools in the work.

An important point that you will need: methods are theoretical and practical (empirical). In the course work, both must be involved.

The methods must be substantiated.

Each method used should be revealed in the practical part of the work.

Theoretical methods of scientific research

Theoretical methods

Research methodsThe study of knowledge, everything that exists only in the human mind. For example, classifications, hierarchies, systems.

It was invented by people in the course of mastering, studying an object and collected in a set of information, which became knowledge.

Theory is important for understanding the object. Before you start taking action on it, you must thoroughly study what you can and cannot do, how to act correctly, and what to expect from action. To understand ahead of time which steps will lead to which result, you study theory.

Among the theoretical methods of scientific research: hypothesis, abstraction, induction / deduction, analysis / synthesis, calculations, classifications.


Specifies a separate characteristic of the phenomenon or subject studied within the coursework. However, other qualities and characteristics are not important for research. Abstraction as a method is more often used in works of the humanitarian direction (philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, etc.).


If you use this method in the study of literature, then the student takes into account the work, the author and the genre, but the publisher, the number of pages and the city may not carry any information.


The studied subject or phenomenon is considered in comparison with similar properties. This method is not always 100% effective, but it is well established.


This method can be used in astronomy. We do not have exact information about the planets of the solar system, but thanks to similar studies, certain conclusions can be drawn.


Simple, clear and working method that is used in all research projects. It is based on structuring and dividing the objects under study according to various criteria (genres, styles, physical parameters, materials and much more).


We combine several objects and items into larger groups according to similar properties and characteristics. The purpose of the method is to identify common features and characteristics. Generalization is either inductive or empirical (from concretized features to general judgments), and analytical (from one judgment to another).


We combine the already identified and considered properties and attributes of an object into one whole. Synthesis is always directly related to analysis.

Analysis of work

We refer to the scientific works of authoritative authors, articles, notes, essays, monographs and memoirs. This method helps to identify strengths and weaknesses when studying objects. You can understand how deep the study of a particular object was carried out, and which object was left aside and was not studied at all.

Practical (empirical) methods of scientific research

When you have already mastered the theory and want to start solving real problems, you go to practice. By using empirical methods, you will start to create something new: discovery, project, program, etc.

Without the practical part, you will not be able to show what you have learned, therefore, scientific work in universities is impossible without it, and outside universities such work is simply useless. Theory is the foundation, without which practice is impossible, but the house on the foundation is more important.

Practice doesn’t have to be a set of chaotic activities, so you are resorting to hands-on research methods. These methods include observation, experiment, measurement, simulation.


The most effective and truly practical. But it is mainly applicable in larger works like diploma and master’s theses. The main principles of the experiment are evidence and repeatability. Thanks to the experiment, you can clearly see the changes taking place, how they occur and under what circumstances.

The main difference between the experiment is the ability to repeat it. It should be done intentionally, not accidentally. It is also necessary here to influence the object and record the reactions.


Galileo set up an experiment on the speed of falling and its dependence on the body. He dropped a small lead ball and a cannonball from the tower and made sure he landed faster.


We follow the object and record everything that seems important to us in the framework of the study. For example, reactions, changes or properties. The researcher does not influence the observation and does not make adjustments to what is happening. Everything should be natural and natural.


Zoologists observe from the point of view of animals, their habits, behavior in the environment, relationships with congeners and record them.


We use digital indicators and measure any physical parameters of the object (length, weight, height, volume, etc.)


You can make measurements of several animals of the same species and, based on the figures obtained, draw a conclusion about the average size of an individual.

Interview or conversation

Referring to a personal conversation with a person who is competent in matters related to the study of an object or is himself this object. Here you can get a subjective view of the problem and use it in your research.

Questionnaire or survey

Pre-written and prepared questions, the answers to which appear within the framework of the study. The survey is carried out orally or in writing, and the questionnaire is exclusively in computer or written form. Thanks to this method, conclusions can be drawn about the thoughts of society, classified by age and gender, and general opinions can be identified.

Registration of research methods in coursework

What is the main requirement for method design? They must strictly correspond to the content of the research stages and contribute to obtaining one hundred percent accurate results.

All methods used should be indicated in the introduction. It is enough just to list them, without a detailed description and explanation of each. To do this, you must write: research methods and list all used.

What is the difference between a term paper and an abstract?

There are study papers that cover and are confused by students: articles, essays, control and laboratory reports, and so forth. Furthermore, today we will discuss what recognizes the term paper from the abstract.


Term paper – research on one of the subjects of the course. Devoted to a particular theme and requires unique logical ends from the student.

An abstract is a short and brief introduction of the data that the student got to know during the examination of course readings, articles, monographs and other writing on a given theme.

The primary difference between the term paper and the abstract

Consider how the term paper varies from the abstract.

Difference 1. Volume

This is the main thing that intrigues the student prior to undertaking any research work. From the above description, it is very coherent and justifiable that the coursework takes more pages. In addition, multiple times more.

In any case, everybody is stressed over explicit numbers. When in doubt, the abstract takes from 15 to 20 pages, and the term paper from 30 to 45. Allow us to explain that the volumes may shift contingent upon the theme and are constantly concurred with the instructor prior to writing.

Difference 2. Research focus

Coursework is viewed as a more perplexing and voluminous study, including not just a retelling of what has just been learnt by somebody, yet the arrangement of one’s own perspective on the issue.

An abstract is only an assortment of effectively accessible realities on a theme. No proposals for arrangements and special theories.

Difference 3. Structure

term paperThere is one rather critical difference here, inside the body of the work. In the abstract, it is strong, yet in the term paper it is now partitioned into sections. In the event that in the abstract, all the work is involved by the theoretical part and the analysis of sources, the reasonable part shows up in the coursework.

The abstract comprises of an introduction, primary part, decision and a rundown of utilized writing. The coursework incorporates an introduction, a theoretical section, a useful (determined or applied) section, a conclusion, a rundown of literature and applications.

Difference 4. Rundown of sources

In term paper, obviously, there ought to be a greater amount of them. For an essay, twenty situations in the list of literature will be sufficient, and for a term paper you should dial around thirty.

The configuration and kind of sources may differ depending on the topic on research and the issue viable: articles, monographs, books, internet sources, laws, and so on

term paperDifference 5. Applications

More genuine scientific research includes extra materials that help to uncover the issue. They are the supplements to the coursework, following at the conclusion of the work, after the list of used literature.

Be that as it may, applications may show up in the abstract. For instance, if a student writes a message about some craftsman. For this situation, you can’t manage without pictures as visual material.

All the differences considered can be minimized to one and the main thing – the abstract coordinates the all-around existing data, and the coursework, notwithstanding recognizing the issue, additionally finds a way to address it.


What to consider when choosing a graduate nursing program

In order to become a registered nurse one must choose a nursing program that suits him or her. The program you choose can have an impact on the future of your career, so it is important to invest enough time in researching multiple programs.

Nursing program delivery

nursingThis can either be online or on-campus. On-campus delivery is the basic college experience where students live on campus or commute from home to attend classes. In a bid to make the programs affordable, students have switched to online programs. Online programs charge lower tuition fees and the students do not incur the costs the on-campus students do. In addition to these, online learning allows the students to view their tutors and complete syllabus at their own convenience. This makes it possible for students committed full-time or those with an intention of raising a family to do so easily. Although, online learning comes with its challenges such as students trying to keep up with other responsibilities and keeping up with the coursework.

In order to select the nursing program of your choice one should consider the following:

  1. Location

The learner must ask the following questions:

Availability of nursing homes near your area of residence?

How far can you commute to attend classes?

Do you prefer living on-campus or commute?

Do you need to relocate during school time?

Is the program offered online and is it an option for you?

The schools that interest the student the most should be considered first.

  1. The Program

The learner should consider the school that is well-known for the program the student is considering. If a learner is considering a program in biomedical engineering, but the institution is not known for research then it is not worth considering.

  1. Accreditation

nursingThe learner should select an institution that has been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Always remember there is a difference between accreditation by a national accrediting organization and approval by the state board. Accreditation means that the schools programs has been approved and reviewed by professionals in the field. This means that the education offered by these institutions meets a minimum quality level set by an expert panel. In the event that you require a financial aid to help with your education, you will be required to enroll in an accredited institution. Accredited institutions use standards that are nationally established for the education curriculum. Additionally, there are two types of accreditations:

  • Institutional accreditation: this means the whole institution is accredited.
  • Specialized or Professional accreditation: reviews the programs of the college.
  1. The Resources

Primarily, the resources are the funding and endowments and should be considered when selecting a nursing program. Institution with large endowments offer grants and scholarships to more students. Also the learner should consider the resources that the institution allocates to the department and program.  Moreover, the resources allocated to its facilities.

  1. The Cost of nursing program

When considering the cost, the learner should also consider the scholarships and grants being offered. The more the degree is advanced the more it costs. Other factors that determine the cost of the program is the length of the program, the number of units offered each semester, and other applicable charges by the institution. However, since nursing represents an ever-growing field many private and public organizations offer financial aid opportunities.

  1. Size of the Nursing School

The learner should be able to identify how they would like to be tutored if they need close attention and a more feel of personal space of a small school of nursing. Ask the following question: how many students of nursing are expected each semester?

  1. Class size

The learner should check the faculty ration. This is to make sure the instructor has time to help you with everything you need.

  1. Class schedules

With nursing being a hands-on practice time with patients the learner should select the class’s schedules that are convenient.

  1. NCLEX nursing exam pass rate

By checking this, it gives you an idea on how the institution is preparing its learners. The school passing rate should be encouraging to aspiring future nurses.