case vignette 3 | Nursing School Essays

Joyce is a 20-year-old. She began to use crystal methamphetamine as at the age of 14 and reported that the drug gave her a sense of clarity and calmness that she had never known before. She has been using “meth” day and night for 6 years. Her life revolved around smoking meth. She has to increase the amount to get a similar feeling. Before she started to use drugs, she had a history of sadness, obsession, and temper tantrums. In elementary school, she was easily distracted and could not complete assignments.
Despite her best efforts, she lost interest and dropped out of school at age 16. She has a family history of mental illness. She also struggled remaining focus at home. When her parents attempted to engage her in conversation, she would zone out and did not engage. She was easily distracted by the noises of the trains as the passed the home. Joyce could never complete her chores on time. She continues to struggle sustaining her attention.
During her interview, Joyce complained of an inability to focus. She said she is easily distracted and has a problem completing tasks. She forgets instructions, loses things, and cannot pay attention, even when she tries. Recently, she has been fired from her job due to his lack of productivity, which has cause her to increase her meth use. To maintain her habit, she had to start stealing from Target and should her stolen goods to buy her drugs.
After reading vignette, you should be prepared to discuss the following regarding the vignette you are given:
1. Assessment procedures;
2. Diagnosis and rationale;
3. Any legal/ethical issues that may apply to the case;
4. Any legal/ethical issues that are important to your scope of practice;
5. A treatment model that fits your philosophical point of view and fits with the vignette;
6. A treatment plan, including:
a. A description of what happens in the beginning, middle, and end phases of treatment;
b. Interventions that match your treatment model;
c. Treatment goals for the client;
How would you assess this case?
What other information would you want to have from the client?
What crisis management issues would you want to screen for?
What diagnostic instruments might be helpful to diagnose the case?
What would be your diagnosis?
What specific criteria led you to that diagnosis?
What rule outs would you have?
What specific criteria would make you consider the rule outs as possible diagnoses?
What ethical issues might be considered in the vignette?
Describe how other legal and ethical issues relate to your scope of practice.
Describe how other legal and ethical issues relate to your level of competence.
What are your guidelines for mandated reporting?
Theoretical Orientation/Treatment
What is theoretical orientation best fits this scenario?
What treatment techniques are related to this theoretical orientation?
What specific treatment techniques are best to use with the person in the scenario?
How do you know when therapy is finished?
What referrals and other services are necessary as part of the therapy or after termination?
respond in a 6-8 pages paper