Case about Jamie Lee Jackson

Case about Jamie Lee Jackson

Read the Continuing Case about Jamie Lee Jackson, on page 134 of your text. Read the guidance from the Federal trade Commission (FTC) on how to handle a lost or stolen card. Post by Thursday:

Compare Jamie’s actions to the guidance given by the FTC and answer the following questions:

What did she do that is in accord with the FTC guidance? What did she do that may be going against the FTC guidance? and  What more could Jamie do to recover from her problem? To protect herself from this ever happening again? (Ignore the questions that are listed in the text. Address the questions listed above.)

Reply post by Sunday, July 4

Select an original post by a classmate.  Suggest information to make your classmate’s observations and solutions more complete.

(A caution about reply posts: You must add information or substantive perspective(s). Although it is good agree with – or to affirm the wisdom of – your classmate’s post, your primary task in a reply post is to add new information or perspective that is germane to the issue at hand.)

You must respond to at least one classmate’s original post. You may of course reply to more than one.  One bonus point is possible for each additional substantive reply, up to two bonus points.