BADM 350 Informational Interview & Report

BADM 350 Informational Interview & Report

BADM 350 | Career & Employment Strategies

Assign 09 | Informational Interview & Report


Due Date: November 20, 2020                                                     Possible Points: 200


Purpose: To obtain information about a specific occupation or field. An Informational Interview is also known as a Career Interest Exploration Interview. Conducting an informational interview is a great way to screen potential occupations and fields. Since the objective of an informational interview is to glean information, you are not asking for employment. However, this type of conversation can lead to a job interview.


PART 1: Informational Interview

To fulfill the requirements of this assignment, you must conduct an interview with a current, practicing professional in a career field you desire to enter upon graduation. You need to choose a professional who is NOT a relative, classmate, high school or college teacher/staff member, nor a current or former employer/co-worker. Of course, the ideal situation is to hold the interview in a face-to-face environment. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are not comfortable conducting a face-to-face interview, utilize an online platform (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, FaceTime).



The people you want to target for an informational interview are those who are doing the kind of work you would like to consider (or learn more about). Individuals who can help you find these people are co-workers, family, friends, teachers, professors, people in your network, and the Professional Edge Center.


Conversation Content

Develop a list of questions to be asked. Reflect upon any career planning data (e.g., transferable skills, MBTIÃ’, Strong Interest InventoryÃ’), and generate ten (10) questions that align with your interests and priorities. Choose at least five (5) of your questions from the resource, Questions to Ask in Your Informational Interview. The Questions to Ask During Career Exploration Conversations may be used to identify up to five (5) additional questions. Both documents are in ACE.

LOCATION: ACE > Assignments > Assignment #9 – Informational Interview & Report


Steps to a Great Informational Interview

1.    Create a list of contacts

2.    Obtain names of workers from your contacts

3.    Choose someone in your targeted career area or an area of interest

4.    Prepare a list of ten (10) questions

5.    Call to schedule a 20-30 minute meeting; clearly and concisely communicate the purpose of the meeting

6.    Dress professionally

7.    Start and end the informational interview on time

8.    Take notes

9.    Ask for additional contacts

10. E-mail a thank-you note


PART 2: Typed Report

Informational Interview Reflection (Report Instructions)

After the interview, take time to review your notes and analyze the information you received. Determine if the potential occupation or field is a good fit for you. Include the following information in your paper:

Section 1

  • Professional Contact Information

1.    Name

2.    E-mail address

3.    Telephone number

4.    Current career title

5.    Company name

6.    How you identified this professional to interview


  • Interview Information

1.    Date

2.    Time

3.    Length

4.    Location or Online Platform Used


Section 2

  • Type out the ten (10) open-ended questions you asked. Include the professional’s response taken from the notes you recorded for each question. 


Section 3

  • Conclude by writing three (3) to four (4) paragraphs on how this interview reinforced or changed your desire to enter this career field. (Note: Five to seven sentences constitute one paragraph). Reflect upon and answer the questions below.


1.    What did you learn about the occupation or field?

2.    What advice did your contact give you?

3.    What new connections did your contact provide?

4.    How has the informational interview impacted your choice of occupation or field to pursue?

5.    What would you do differently the next time you conduct an informational interview?


  • Your paper should be typed in a Word document and uploaded in ACE before noon (12:00p) on the respective due date.