Assign 10 | Swing Into Action

Assign 10 | Swing Into Action

BADM 350 | Career & Employment Strategies

Assign 10 | Swing Into Action


Due Date: November 20, 2020                                                     Possible Points: 100



Purpose: To create an action plan which addresses the question, “What tasks do I need to complete once this class ends to ensure continued success on my career journey?”




1.    Review the Strategic Career Plan document and related resources located in ACE.

(ACE > Resources tool > Strategic Career Plan folder)

2.    Reflect upon the tools you completed in class this semester.

3.    Determine, “What’s next?”

4.    Identify meaningful next steps and type specific entries on the Action Plan in ACE.

5.    Upload your completed Action Plan by the respective due date.



Action Plan Task Ideas

The ideas listed below serve as a springboard for your Action Plan. Use as you deem appropriate. Establish up to three overarching goals (but no less than two for this assignment). Include relevant tasks as they relate to each goal. Make sure to include any resources needed as well as estimated start and finish dates for each entry.


·       Revise resumé

·       Research my career field

·       Research companies within my career field

·       Research positions within companies of interest

·       Create a list of networking contacts

·       Research professional organizations within my field

·       Schedule informational interviews and conduct via an online platform (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, FaceTime)

·       Create a SOAR file

·       Establish a LinkedIn account and develop a profile

·       Attend a virtual job fair (if available)