Article Summary

Article Summary

Instructions for article review:


Write four or five pages article review, it should follow this approximate structure:

1. Brief introduction to the presentation

2. Review of literature (what conversation the paper is contributing to) – please consider

how the topic and research question relates to the theory that is described in the

textbook (The Multiple Streams Framework: Foundations, Refinements, and Empirical Applications) in chapter1

3. Presentation of conceptual framework/theory

4. Description of methods and data

5. Presentation of the results

6. Meaning of the results for the relevant theory and potential future directions

7. Provide a critical assessment of the question(s), methods, and findings of the paper.

You may agree or disagree with them. You may find deficiencies in them. State your

agreements and disagreements as clearly as you can.

In your brief review of how the article you chose fits into the relevant literature, you should

lean not just on the article you read, but also on the other material we read from the week.



Fowler, L. (2020) Using the Multiple Streams Framework to Connect Policy Adoption to Implementation.

Textbook reference:

Weible, Christopher M. and Paul A. Sabatier. 2018. Theories of the Policy Process. Fourth Edition. New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN: 9780813350523.