Article reviews

Article reviews

Students will be responsible for completing an article reviews over the course of the semester. Students will submit a 2 – 3 page, double-spaced analysis of a reading of the student’s choice from the selections found below.

All articles are found in O’Neil, P. & Rogowski, R. 2013. Essentials readings in comparative politics. New York: W.W. Norton located at the circulation desk of the library.


Papers should include:

A summary of the paper/article Summary of key points What is the research question/purpose? What hypotheses are presented? Identify relevant dependent, independent, and intervening variables What are the major findings/conclusions of the paper?  


Grading Rubric


Identify research question.                                                     3          2          1


Identify hypothesis.                                                                3          2          1


Identify dependent variable(s).                                               3          2          1


Identify independent variable(s).                                            3          2          1


Summarize research findings.                                                3          2          1


Writing content, formatting, etc.                    5          4          3          2          1