Article Critique

Article Critique



Research Article Critiques:

Research article content should be related to the assigned readings for the week and come from a professional journal article.   Each research critique should be single-spaced with a double space between paragraphs.  Papers should be ONLY 1 page each and include both paraphrased citations and direct quote citations using APA 6th Edition format.  Do not use a cover sheet or an additional page for References.  (Be concise, succinct, and pertinent to the topic.) Copy of the article should be attached. I obviously cannot grade a critique unless I have read the article.  


Grading will be based on the following:  

v  Quality of completion – depth and comprehensiveness

v  Proper writing skills; format, grammar, syntax & spelling and PROPER APA Style.

v  Use of outside reading assignments




1 page

1” margins

Single-spaced except in between the paragraphs use double-spacing.


At the top of the page (inside the header) put the following: 


Your Name                                                                                                                    NMED 4312

Date                                                                                                                                Critique # ____

Instead of a title, please write the citation of the article in APA form. 



Service, Robert F. (2018). Molecular CT scan could speed drug discovery: Structure mapping works with vanishingly small samples in just minutes. Science, 362(6413), 389.


The Critique should contain these parts:

           1. A short introductory paragraph on the topic and the author’s purpose.

2. A longer paragraph or two that explains what the author found, what the research

   demonstrated, or what the point of the article was. This should be very explicit so that

   anyone can understand what the article is all about.

           3. A final paragraph that gives your view of the strengths & weaknesses of the article and

its relevance to the topic.  If you did not find the research to be good, or readable, say so.  I do not expect you to love everything you read!  Just be clear about what you did not like and give a rationale. 


Please submit your next critique on a peer reviewed journal covering the subject of Ultra Sound