ARAB 2750 – Assignment # 1


ARAB 2750 – Life and Culture of the Arabs

Assignment # 1

Connections, Comparisons, Research


One of the most prominent images of Arabs in American media is young Palestinian men wearing the checkered scarf keffiyeh/kuffiyya (usually covering their faces). Using the framework developed in Idil Akinci’s Dressing the nation? Symbolizing Emirati national identity and boundaries through national dress, discuss the social evolution of the Palestinian scarf into an identity marker. In your response, please address the following issues:


(a)    The symbolism of the scarf design

(b)   The message conveyed by wearing the scarf

(c)    The change in gendered use of the scarf


Your response should not exceed two pages (double space). It is due by email as a Word Document by Friday, Sept 15. Please, make sure to use at least two academic sources. All sources should be cited. Feel free to include images.