Annotated Bibliography and Graphic Organizer for Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography and Graphic Organizer for Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography and Graphic Organizer for Research Paper NUTR 4470/5470

           Each student will research his/her topic.  The topic may be refined or narrowed but the paper topic must be derived from the topic selected in class.  Students will begin the paper by generating an annotated bibliography.

              Undergraduate students will generate an annotated bibliography on their topic to include a minimum of 10 references of which 8 must be primary research articles and 8 articles must have been written after 2015.  You must have 2 articles before 2015.

Primary research articles include a methods section describing how the study was conducted and a results section with tables and figures along with text describing the findings. Remember to ask for help if you have any questions.  The librarians and I are glad to help you develop your research abilities.

Annotations should be a 2-3 sentence summary of the article.  Articles should be pertinent to the topic.  Ultimately, the article does not have to be used for the paper but should be related to the subject of the term paper in a meaningful manner and be likely to be used or provide important background or ancillary information.  Students will not receive credit for non-pertinent articles.  

OWL link: (Links to an external site.)

              References can include journals, monographs, and scholarly texts.  Students must select appropriate references. Newsletters, magazines, and Internet sources other than online journals, professional organizations (i.e., ADA), university and government sites are not acceptable other than as a source of popular beliefs.  These references do not count as references for your annotated bibliography or paper.

Reference Style: Students should use the referencing style from the Journal of Nutrition (Links to an external site.).  Go to Authors Pages in the journal web site which has the referencing style.  In addition, look at articles written in the Journal of Nutrition for examples of the referencing and citation style. Ref Works can help you manage your references and print a reference page using the appropriate reference style.  However, RefWorks is not fool proof. So, you must proofread your bibliography.