Advanced Research Design Paper 2

Advanced Research Design Paper 2

·       This is a short paper assignment. It covers topics related to the following chapters in the textbook: literature reviews, the use of theory, writing strategies, ethical considerations, introductions, the purpose statement, research questions, and hypotheses (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7).


·       Remember the expectations for high quality dissertations and papers and the document when you write your paper.


·       Your goal in this assignment should be to demonstrate that you read the assignments and absorbed their contents and that you can synthesize them. You should present your knowledge and thoughts in an organized manner in the paper.


·       The main text of the paper should not be any longer than 1000 words, excluding the title page (your name, course number, date, etc.) and references.


·       The following questions can guide you when you are writing your paper. You may write in an essay format.




·       What is your topic? What would you like to learn about this topic?


·       You may discuss your worldview (epistemology and ontology) briefly. Then make sure that you demonstrate how it relates to your answers to the questions below. 


·       What type of literature will you try to identify to study your topic? How will you access the literature?

o   If you have done some literature search already, what are the deficiencies/gaps in the literature that you identified in relation to your topic?


·       Which theoretical lens will you use (If there is any)?


·       What is the purpose of your study? (See the discussions and examples in the textbook.)


·       What is the theoretical and practical significance of your study, as it is stated in the purpose?


·       What is the central research question do you want to answer?

o   If there are any sub-questions, what are they?


·       What are your hypotheses, if there are any? (If your study is qualitative, you will not need to formulate any hypotheses.) 


·       What is the research design that will help you answer your questions (and test your hypotheses, if there are any)? Describe the research design in general terms (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods). Answer the following questions.

o   Which data (information) collection methods, or any combinations of them, will you use?  Why?

o   Which data analysis and/or interpretation methods, or any combinations of them, will you use? Why?


·       What are potential ethical issues/problems you may encounter during the design, data/information collection, analysis/interpretation, and reporting phases of your study? How would address/solve them?