8 Questions Defining the Innovation Process

1.       Identify three catalysts to enable innovativeness. Explain how they would enable innovation in your organization.
2.       Considering the product or service idea your CLC team identified in Module 4, answer the question: Does the product or service your team created/identified have the power to dramatically reset customer expectation? Why or why not? Will it have an impact on customers?
3.       How can the risks of innovation be addressed and/or managed?
4.       How can organizational alliances be used to support implementation?
5.       Describe what an innovation measurement system would focus on in your organization. Identify how you might use it to support your innovations.
6.       Create two measures of innovation for your organization. Why would these measurements be valuable?
7.       If you were on the recruiting team to find a new CEO for a company where the board mandate was to focus on embedding innovation into the DNA of the company, what attributes would you describe as being the “must haves?”
8.       What two things would you personally do within the next 2 years to further develop your innovation capability?
Each question must have a cite and all must have be 100-250 word and PASS TURN IT IN WITH LESS THAN 5%