2 Policy Papers

2 Policy Papers

The sample paper required students to write 2 to 4 page analysis of a policy related to the topic of the week.  Each analysis must properly cite at least two published sources.  This assignment is not as comprehensive as your assignment yet it includes quality content, creativity, and thoroughness and is free of excessive grammar, spelling and syntax errors. 

This is an “A” paper because it is written well with no grammar, spelling or syntax errors.  There are no run on sentences, and the paragraphs are clear, precise and relevant to the policy and problem.  The paper introduces the policy and the problem in the first paragraph and describes in detail the monetary, environmental and stakeholder impacts. Finally the paper is subjective allowing the analysis to validate/substantiate the content.  

1. Clearly identifies a policy in the first paragraph 

2. Clearly states the problem in relationship the the policy in the first paragraph.

3. Discusses the corresponding federal policy that the state policy is attempting to satisfy.

4. Discusses the problem in detail, examining the monetary impact on California residents